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Chow Gar Tong Long incorporates the development of both external and internal power. Due to that fact, the practice brings several benefits in different areas.

Incredible strength

The unique training method enables you to gain such strength you never imagined before

Powerful Stamina

Stamina is key on the path of building power for fight. In the course you will understand how to do it

Control Over Your Secret Power

At the end of your journey you will possess the highest level of power

Fighting skills working as an instinct

This type of power will make you react as an instinct, which will make you much faster and more effective

Tough body and mind

Concentration and focus will sharpen your mind, chi kung will harden your body 

High level of confidence

Sharp mind, tough body, extreme power will fill you up with confidence

Boosted energy level, surprising vitality

Since your building an exploding power, that will bring exploding vitality to you

Slow aging

Time will slow down, you will feel and look much younger than your age would suggest

Muscular body shape

All practitioners share a similar solid body shape, which reflects power

Strong body core, essential for a healthy life

Your body core will become incredibly strong, like the trunk of an oak tree deeply rooted into the ground 

Less exposed to the usual men's problems

Our chi kung exercises strengthen the intimate muscles, which is very helpful for the practitioner

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Personal stories

Sifu Bálint vitárius

As a child I was very weak and got sick a lot. I couldn’t hold the push-up position at the top for more than a few seconds...

As a child I was very weak and got sick a lot. I couldn’t hold the push-up position at the top for more than a few seconds. When we had to climb the rope in the school, for me it was like grabbing the rope and that was all. The name Bálint means “strong and healthy”, but I was none of them. I desperately wanted to change that. In several sports I have seen that almost everything depends on the basic abilities and it greatly affects how successful someone can be. That’s why I liked Kung fu because anyone who invests energy in it can achieve serious results, regardless of the basic physique.

Kung Fu not only made my physique stronger and improved my health tremendously (practically diseases avoided me) but it has also given me a serious mental strength, made me calm and confident as well.

I have found that while weakness and uncertainty creates fear and frustration, the strength that comes from Chow Gar kung fu training method gives completely the opposite. It gives self-confidence, peace of mind and eliminates fear completely.

My experience is that Kung Fu is a lifetime improvement, and as such it is never boring. Newer and newer depths are revealed, new discoveries can be gained, new abilities appear that we didn’t even think they would ever develop.

In addition to being able to defend ourselves very effectively (which I have had the opportunity to experience in countless situations, sometimes in real danger), the spiritual insights I gain through Kung fu mean a lot to me. I can apply them to other areas of my life (e.g. business, human relationships, etc…).

When my level of Kung Fu is going up, I also feel development in everything else.

zoltán bereczki

... During my years in school bullying was a common phenomenon. Almost every day something happened, and sometimes I was very scared ...

I was born in Romania during the darkest communist era of the country, led by blood-handed dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

As a child I had a fragile physique, I inherited my thin hands and my facial look from my mother, and people often thought I was a girl. It was annoying, frustrating. So I always felt the urge to prove to others that I am a strong boy, which I wasn’t. During my years in school bullying was a common phenomenon. Almost every day something happened, and sometimes I was very scared. Beside that, nationalism was flourishing at that time, supported by communist leadership, and as being born into the hungarian minority living there, often I had to face atrocities on several levels.

Many times after confrontations I dreamed of being born into a Ninja clan in Japan, learning ninjutsu, acquiring fantastic fighting skills and becoming invincible and fearless. Sounds funny, but that was my personal imaginary shelter at that time :) 

To make a step towards becoming invincible and fearless, I started to practice judo. At that time there were only two options: judo and karate. Somehow karate never attracted me, that’s why I chose judo. My schoolmate convinced me to join the judo club. On my first day there, when my friend introduced me to the master of the, he told him that it is ok to bring new students, but he would rather prefer boys to come. Nice start for me. So again I had to prove myself. It was very tough for me. I was one of the thinnest and smallest boys there. Once they accepted a girl in the club and assigned me to her as a training partner. Only me. Jesus Christ! 

The training was very tough for me, after a while I realized that I do not enjoy them, so I left. I also did not feel that I am heading towards becoming a strong and confident boy/man. I still had sometimes conflicts with various results. I started to get used to such situations, but never felt safe and confident.

When we moved to Hungary it became much more peaceful, I forgot about martial arts.

During my university studies, I felt that my physical state is not on the level it should be at that age. I started again to look for martial arts. My friends in the college brought me to a small club where they were training. The style was called Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Looked a bit strange to me, not like the systems I was used to based on the movies :) It looked boring to me, they did not do too much during the training, however they looked strong. I decided not to start the training, but trying to find something else. 

After almost a year, one night we had a party in the college. With my friend (who was still doing his training) we had a few drinks and started to talk about martial arts. He said to me the style he is practicing is very powerful and he is doing a special training which makes him strong and tough, so I cannot really hurt him. I said I would make a try. He told me I can hit him in the solar plexus as strong as I can. So I did. Nothing happened. He told me I am very weak! :D I was angry, I told him he can also hit me, I can take it. He said better not to do that, or at least on my chest not my solar plexus. I said ok, no problem. And he hit me from a very short distance, roughly from 30-40 centimeters. It took me 2 weeks to recover. Most probably he cracked my ribs. After I recovered I started to train :)

Now I will jump over a period of 10 years, that part I will elaborate in a separate article, because it is worth writing it down, it was such a Hollywood- like story. All in all finally with my friends we became the direct disciples of Ip Chee Keung, the Gatekeeper Grandmaster of the Tung Kong Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu System, and started together a fantastic journey with ups and downs. It was similar to my dream from my childhood. I came to know great people, making lifetime friendships, immersing into the mystical culture of China, having adventures on the other side of the World, training at legendary places with legendary people, and in addition learning great real kung fu, one of the last living treasures of the chinese hakka kung fu heritage. I became strong, much much stronger than I ever imagined, confident, calm, patient, and I am looking much younger than I am (with 3 kids behind me :D ) 

Through kung fu I got much more than a martial art, more than I ever expected.

attila baráth

Based on my physical abilities I am not strong but this kung-fu makes me stronger and mentally more collected…

During my early teenager life, I found a book about martial arts and I was surprised to learn that kung-fu was born in a spiritual environment. I also read about the fighting monks in Japan and the Knights Templar who followed Jesus but engaged in warfare. This information was confusing but at the same time somehow it was inspirational for a young boy. Not long after, the Bruce Lee movies also arrived and I became enthusiastic not only about the martial arts, but also about practicing them. However, the offering of sport clubs I could have access to at this time (karate, kick boxing) was not what I looked for – I could not tell why, it was only an emotionally driven feeling.

Years later, after the university, I went back to Hungary and found that some schools were offering kung-fu and started to learn what was available back then. The lesson of this period was that by practicing and using rationale you can find the right answers if you persist. After a long and complicated story I had the good fortune along with my friends and kung-fu brothers to start to learn Tung Kong Chow Gar Kung-fu first from a friend then from the Head of the System, Grandmaster Ip Chee Keung who became our Sifu.

Based on my physical abilities I am not strong and it is very motivating that I have a unique training method to develop myself to become stronger. Also, Chow Gar makes me calmer and more collected mentally. Practicing this kung-fu gives me an inner support. It is a precious tool that I can use in all situations in my life.

Based on my experience, I would suggest you if you start to learn this system give yourself time to understand it, put effort and time in practice and you will have something with high value which cannot be taken from you ever.

About the program


From Beginner To Advanced

1. Get The Taste Of It
Designed for SOLO training

Beginner course which introduces you the foundations of the system and as the title suggests, will give you a taste of the art (takes 8 months from start to finish)

2. Feel and Understand

Intermediate course, will bring you deeper into the system by building the next layer over the basics and let you feel and understand more (takes 11 months from start to finish)

3. Get The Power!

Significant change to your Kung Fu by teaching how to build up the essence of the system, the unique power of Tung Kong Chow Gar. This power separates this system from all others and makes it outstanding. (takes 6 months from start to finish)

4. Shake off The Bridge

You will understand why power is the most important and how fighting is more related to skills and instinct than to artificially built up fighting scenarios, how to balance between them. More focus on Chi Kung to strengthen your iron shirt. (takes 6 months from start to finish)

5. Way of The Mantis

However it seems like this is the end of the journey, more likely this is the beginning (of a new era). By this time you have the power and you control your techniques, so it’s time to refine your existing skills by learning such forms which cannot be really practiced without them, and to master the weapons of the system. Knowing how to use the weapons as an extension of your arms bring your hand techniques to a completely new level and help you master the art. (takes 4 months from start to finish)

Our features become Your benefits!

Thorough program from beginner to advanced

  • get step-by step explanation on every level
  • understand all the important details and see the big picture behind
  • get to know the whole curriculum of the system

Designed by direct disciples of the gatekeeper grandmaster Ip Chee Keung

  • get the knowledge directly from the most famous, original and purest lineage
  • be taught by such people who spent years by training with the grandmaster

Tutorials created by people with 26+ year of experience in martial arts and 20+ years in teaching

  • have a much shorter way of learning
  • avoid all the traps during your journey, we explored them all and give you the most optimal way
  • get support from very experienced trainers

Tailored for home training, even for small places

  • no need for big space to train
  • no need for any special accessory for training, just your body

Video content based, anytime can be accessed

  • set up your training routine on your own pace
  • access the tutorials and training even from your smartphone

Weekly one tutorial and one mini training session (guided, just simply played and followed)

  • focus on the techniques/exercises in the tutorial and then with the training you can practice them in a structured way with our guidance
  • get the essence of the system with clear explanation,
    easy to remember and practice

Enables students already after 1 month to build up their own trainings

  • understand quickly how a training should be structured
  • learn in the first month already the main elements of an effective traditional training

Focuses from beginning on tangible results

  • get exercises which will bring you results already in the first month
  • feel the improvement after a few weeks (both physical and mental)

Provides live Q&A events every month

  • ask questions and get your answers during a live event

Gives possibility for online one on one live coaching

  • get personal coaching with special focus on your needs, abilities

Gives possibility for individual consultancy (e.g. checking progress based on recorded videos)

  • speed up your improvement even more with specific advices

Possibility for workshops and training camps

  • meet your instructors in camps and workshops and training with them
  • elevate your kung fu with intense training sessions with your kung fu brothers

Possibility to meet high level students and the grandmaster, to train in the legendary headquarter, where Ip Shui lived

  • have exceptional and adventurous possibilities and go to such places and meet such people which in general would be impossible
  • imagine that you could train with the best of the best

Access to additional materials which are not part of the course (videos, articles)

  • in addition to your course, benefit from different materials what others cannot access

Membership in a closed community

  • be part of a community where you can openly discuss the details of the system and benefit from the precious experiences of others

Post from our student from the program, after his first visit to Hungary

Angel testimonial
Angel second


“Hi there.

I want to do a review of my training with Sifu Bálint.

He is a man with a powerful physique, although a little “strange”, he does not possess a physical “fitness”.
It is true that I was mentally prepared, and I expected to meet a very strong and powerful man.
But I was wrong…
I have been training martial arts for more than 30 years, I have trained (and fought) with very strong guys. But Sifu Bálint has a strength and power so superior to mine that I cannot measure it, much less explain it.
You may think, okay he’s a strong guy because he has a powerful physique, but you’d make a mistake. It is not a “normal” physical force, it is something else … Extreme internal body development and transformation. Sorry I can’t explain it better.
I want to make it clear that I am not a “Disney beauty”, I am a fighter and I am used to training with “tough guys”.
On the other hand, Sifu Bálint is very didactic and his teaching is honest. It does not cheat or sell smoke …
Chow Gar has real internal training, which can be demonstrated and felt with facts.
And most importantly, the training method will transform your body making you very strong, powerful, resistant and stable (among many other things).
This school (Chow Gar Budapest), they know how to teach, they want to teach and they have a real system.
Little more can I say, it is very difficult to explain this (you must feel it).
Chow Gar training is hard and painful, but to paraphrase a great karate master: “Who said it was easy? Who said it didn’t hurt?”
Oscar (Chow Gar Budapest student)

O.B. - Spain

“The explanations and the demonstration is very clear.

After only a month I have several things clear.
You have something real.
You know how to teach.
You want to teach.

With these trainings, details and explanations, the body works at a very deep tendon / muscle / joint level.

Accumulating many hours of training, it is normal to become a hulk with an internal body :)”

O.B. - Spain

“Just finished watching the second short training, again thank you very much for the excellent instruction. I love all the detail and knowing how to train it properly. I really feel like this is what I was missing with my past instruction.”

R.N. - New Zeeland



  • YOU can send in a video about yourself practicing and ask for advice anytime. You will have the feeling of getting private lessons.
  • YOU can have FREE 30 minutes long online private coaching lessons where we can focus on your specific questions and can check your improvement.
  • YOU will have access to materials earlier than other members
  • YOU will have access to some materials which will be available only for this group

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